My Design Approach

My 8 Steps to great UX Design

I wanted to share my basic approach to any project I have the opportunity to work on. These steps are my guides to get to clearer understanding of the problem as well as the path to create the solution.

The Download

Expectations, Requirements, MVP, Timeframes, Goals, Measurable wins.

Become a child

Ask questions to understand the problem from, product owners, Stakeholders, Designers, Developers, Users.


I. Is this a new problem?
II. Who else has this problem in our field?
III. What resources do we already have that can solve this?
VI. What technology is needed?
V. What type of problem is it (Design, Usability)?
VI. What are our limitations? (Business Rules, Technology,
Users, Visibility, Screen Realestate time…etc.)
VII. What is the fastest way to solve, The easiest way to solve, and the perfect solution?

Show and Tell

(Wireframes, Visuals, Suggestions)

Break It

Test, Talk, find holes.


Add Findings and Fixes

Create Solid Solution

Develop, High Fidelity Mocks, Prototypes, Design Patterns

Testing..Testing 1,2

Observe use compare with expected results. Measure Results