Who am I really?

Im excited you made it this far!

Well.. if you're reading this you've probably seen at least some of the work I've been privileged to help shape. So your probably wondering just who I am really? For your time sakes, I will spare you the details for a later date. However, I do want to share a few of the things that make me tick.

My Family

For some weird reason, these people keep following me...and I can't shake!! I'm kidding, but seriously my family is my energy and challenge me every day to become a more exceptional person. By the way, they said Hi!!
(My family from left to right) My wife and highschool sweetheart (Sherwanda), My Niece whom been with us since 9 years old (Kianna), My oldest son (Nasia II), then it's our youngest man (Noah), Lastly Me.


Another passion of mine is to share what I've learned. This is probably the biggest reason I enjoy user experience creation so much. Sharing and giving back is a significant part of my life. I've used outlets such as writing, music, ministry, public speaking, and mentorship as the vehicles to help encourage others with my learned experiences. Oddly enough, this passion for pouring out created a more significant need to stay full of ideas and perspectives. This leads to my final idiosyncrasy.

Life long learner

My desire to serve others thoughtfully has led me to become a hoarder of human experiences. I read I listen, I learn, and I'm not afraid to challenge the opinions of others or my own. As a child, I grew up with adults becoming annoyed with me asking why, so now as an adult, I've embraced my desire to know why, while understanding that some things need not an answer.

This is why I don't call myself a UX professional, but instead, I'm a purposeful creator, which all UX professionals should be.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me!

BUT...if you got a few more minutes you can find more here.

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